Afgan War - Medal "To the Warrior-Internationalist".
Awarded to both Russian and Afgan service men for participation in combat in Afganistan.
Excellent condition.
$8 each

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Collection of 180 archival original photos.
Majority are signed and/or stamped on a back.
Collection's breakdown:
  • 53 photos of HSU's in small format (about 2.5"x3.5").
  • 55 photos of HSU's in large format (about 4"x6").
  • 72 archival photos, in large format, of officers with awards, war situations, awardees in civil suits, etc.

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Reference Guide of city of Riga Militia officer.
Small format. Hard cover.
All phone numbers, addresses, etc., that a militia officer needs to know and have handy for any occasion.
Excellent vintage condition. Scarce and very curious!

Soviet Communist Party ID Book issued to a woman.
Contains original stamped photo of the comrade Sergeeva, the ex.owner of the book!
Excellent condition.
Scarce and curious relic of Communist Party times!